Tuesday, May 1

Snack foods

Feeling too pregnant to do a lot of cooking... but not to do a lot of snacking!

Like this one...

Sunday, April 22

Spring Celebration Salad

Made this delicious salad for a birthday party we hosted, served with tri-tip & baked potatoes & yams and fresh melon... it was a lovely Spring celebration!!

Friday, March 16

Green Smoothies use up those CSA Greens

Making a recipe of these easy Coconut Green Smoothie Cups from the leftover greens in our CSA basket is my best idea ever. I use the kale, chard or whatever else in the same proportion as the spinach. Then I freeze it in cubes, maybe mix in any other fruit that is needing to be used (I added blueberries to these)- and I can pull out the cubes and have quick and easy green smoothies- this one I added a banana, cup or so of strawberries and half a cup almond milk.

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Sunday, February 19

Inspired by a friend & a box

This morning my friend posted a yummy sounding breakfast to her Facebook status and it inspired me to create today's recipe. It turned out so good, I wish I had made triple the amount.  I served it with grilled ham & cheese sandwiches for the gluten & meat eaters in the family and just enjoyed a double batch for myself for lunch.

Noticing that some of my CSA box's ingredients were starting to fade, I tried to incorporate as many as I could with the kale- apples, cilantro, broccoli... and then I looked up a few recipes and went from there. I decided to toss in the feta at the end, because I felt the need for something a bit creamy- it was an inspired addition, if I do say so my self.

Enjoy these pictures from the preparation. Click here for the full recipe.

Happy Sunday!

Decided to hop on a few linky parties, because it's fun to make new friends...